After getting hammered over watch, CM's Hublot will go under the hammer

After getting hammered over watch, CM

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 2016-02-24 16:44 Bengaluru: Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah is set to auction his expensive watch before the budget session begins. In hawking his Hublot watch that has been in news recently, the chief minister is emulating Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who auctioned his Rs 10-lakh suit that caused him such embarrassment. Cabinet minister SR Patil, who is close to the chief minister, hinted that a replica of the wrist watch would be auctioned. “The CM will auction his wristwatch and he will take a decision which will be appreciated by people. This is not a big issue," Patil said. Modi had also received a suit as gift of Rs 10 lakh worth, Patil said, adding, “What’s there in Siddaramaiah wearing a wrist watch?” Way back in February 2015, Narendra Modi had auctioned his monogrammed, much-criticised bandhgala which he wore it during President Obama's visit to India. The suit, which had stripes carrying the prime minister's full name – Narendra Damodardas Modi, monogrammed in gold cost Rs10 lakh, but was bought for a huge sum of Rs4.31 crore at an auction by Dharmananda Diamond Company's Lalji Patel and his son Hitesh Patel. Siddaramaiah’s diamond-studded Hublot shot into fame when former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy mocked him for wearing an expensive watch while speaking for the poor. After fumbling for a response, Siddaramaiah accepted that the watch was gifted to him. It is known that a physician, a close family friend of chief minister, gifted the expensive watch to the chief minister.  Sources said a replica of the watch, which looks similar to the diamond-studded Hublot, was bought in Dubai by the physician who gifted to the chief minister. On the day of auctioning, the original bill will also be produced, sources added. Now, questions are being raised about the authenticity of the watch that would be auctioned: whether the chief minister's watch is an original or a replica? However, Health Minister UT Khader, another close aide of Siddaramaiah, told reporters on Wednesday that the wrist watch the chief minister wore could not have been an original, and that there was little demand for such watches in the market.