One should learn to love humanity, not just an individual: CM's media advisor

One should learn to love humanity, not just an individual: CM

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 2016-02-14 20:22 Bengaluru: Love should not be inter-personal but should transcend the barriers of caste and religion, said veteran journalist and media advisor of chief minister of Karnataka Dinesh Amin Mattu at a V-day event organised by Love India at Chitra Kala Parishad on Sunday. The programme was attended by couples who had inter-caste marriages. Addressing the gathering, Mattu said that love was not just about romance, but also about loving humanity in general. "Thus we need to love humanity first. Only then it is possible to love our nation and our society. If we are capable of loving an individual irrespective of caste, religion, then it is definitely possible to bring about social equality and social harmony," said Mattu. “Most of the lovers are separated because of the caste and religion problem. Thus inter-caste marriages are required and it has to be supported in order to bring social equality," said Mattu. The programme was attended by more than 40 couples who had inter-caste, love marriages.