Bangalore water board's 'multi-jet' solution to tackle wastage

Bangalore water board

Submitted by Subeditor on Thu, 2016-01-21 13:35 Bengaluru: Following the escalating reports of Cauveri water being wasted in the city, Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewage Board (BWSSB) has decided to install new meters with a higher level of accuracy to monitor the water consumption across the city.According to the water supply board, nearly 46�f Cauvery water is unaccounted for in most areas of the city. One of the reasons for this is the inaccurate readings given by the commonly used single-jet meters in these localities, the board added.Bengaluru has over 8 lakh domestic Cauvery water connection, of which about 1,000 connections are commercial. Of the total figure, about 3.3 lakh connections still use single-jet meters.In the first stage of its implementation, BWSSB plans to replace about 80,000 of these single-jet meters with the more accurate multi-jet meters.Reiterating this plan, BWSSB executive engineer Kemparamaiah told Prajavani: “During 2008, the BWSSB used to install single-jet meters for domestic connections. Later it upgraded a few of these meters to multi-jet meters. Now, the board plans to upgrade the remaining single-jet meters as well. This is expected to save about 2 Million Liters per Day (MLD) of water."The board will not be charging consumers any money upfront for replacing the meters. The cost will be recovered through the monthly bills of the consumers, BWSSB clarified.