'What the Hel(l)met?!!!##***'

Submitted by Newseditor on Sun, 2016-01-03 21:00 Bengaluru: Well! The worst fear of the rider folks has come true here. The curse of a rider will befall their pillion counterparts as well. In an amendment the state government has double burdened the motorcyclists with helmets! The much debated Motor Vehicle Act making helmet mandatory for pillion riders will be implemented across the Karnataka state.   State government has made an amendment of Rule 230 under the Karnataka Motor Vehicle Amendment Rule (2015). Already a copy of the amendment is being published by the government.   It may be recalled that earlier during September when the news about making helmet mandatory for pillion riders broke, a large scale opposition was heard across the state on the contention that the rider will be burdened carrying an additional helmet amid time, space and situational constraints.                                          BUT WHYYYY? According to Motor Vehicle Act 1988, it is important that all riders wear protective helmets. This also specifies that there is no exception whatsoever to the rule barring the Sikh men who wear turbans.   Amendement of Rule 230 in the Karnataka Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, in rule 230 for sub rule (1), every person while driving or riding (both for rider and pillion rider) a motor cycle of any type within the limit of Karnataka state shall wear headgear.   This has disappointed many motor vehicle riders across the state as their cry in common is carrying additional helmet and not being able to offer a drop to anyone on their way.   “However, the rule will not be effected immediately”, M A Saleem, Additional Commissioner, Traffic told Bfirst.in. “We will discuss this with the transport department and decide on its implementation”, he added.