Woman Gatecrashes Into 'Vaikunta' Seeking Moksha

Woman Gatecrashes Into

Submitted by Subeditor on Tue, 2015-12-22 19:01 Bengaluru: A 45-year-old woman committed suicide by jumping into a well at Uttaradi Math premises in Shankarpuram here on Monday evening. The deceased was identified as Seethalakshmi, a native of Mandya.  According to police “she took the extreme step thinking that ending her life at Vaikunta Ekadashi would take her to heaven.” A CCTV camera had captured the images of her waiting for people to move away from the well and later jumping inside. The death sent shock-waves among the priests and devotees who found the body floating in the well. Seethalakshmi was living with her brother Vishwanath ever since she divorced her husband a few months after their marriage in 1990. Her parents had died earlier and about two and half years ago and her elder sister, with whom she was very close also passed away due to cancer. Seethalakshmi slipped into depression and was under medication since then. “On Monday around 3 pm, she used a coin booth near the Math to call one of her relatives and she told them that she was committing suicide and asked them to inform her brother. Saying this she disconnected the phone," police officials said. Though the relatives of Seethalakshmi called back on the same number a nearby shop keeper answered the phone and said that it was a coin booth in Shankarpuram, near the Uttaradi Mutt. Vishwanath came looking for his sister to Shankarpuram.By this time, at around 7 pm, Seethalakshmi’s body was found by some people. Vishwanath who came looking for Seethalakshmi was told about the body and he rushed to the Shankarpuram police station where he identified the body.