'Name Metro After Basavanna'

Submitted by Subeditor on Fri, 2015-12-11 13:32 Bengaluru: While the state government and Chief Minister Siddaramaiah apparently reveal their interest to name Namma Metro after Bengaluru's founder Kempegowda, Basava Samithi has today urged the government to name Bangalore Metro after social reformer Basavanna.   Addressing a press conference here on Friday, Kadroli Bailahongalada Adrushyananda Ashrama Seemi Matt Palakshayogi said, “Basvanna is the one who conceptualised the Democracy in 12th century and his contribution towards the equality is noble. His concepts and thoughts are unique that has got international consideration. Hence we demand the government to name Namma Metro after Basavanna's name and requesting more people to join this initiative,” he added.   Speaking on the occasion Ramananda Shasthri, Siddarudha Matt, Sulla said that Basavanna had been vital in spreading out the ideals of equality and fraternity when disarray was existed . His contributions and campaigns of Vachana Kranthi can never be forgotten. Basavanna's secularist thoughts are the solution for all the social problems that prevail today. Thus his name name will be the suitable one for Bangalore Metro,”. he opined.   Meanwhile, Gurunatha Shasthri, Savadatthi Karikatti Swami said, “Recently Basavanna's bust has unveiled in London and all Kannadigas are very proud of him as we are from the state where he lived and born. We have given the request to the government and expecting a positive reply from the administrators. , he added.