Transport officials to seize LPG tankers violating night transport ban

Submitted by alvin on Wed, 2016-04-27 12:11 Mangaluru: Expressing concern over repeated complaints of movement of LPG tankers in the night – despite the ban in force – deputy commissioner AB Ibrahim has asked the regional transport authorities and police to sieze such tankers. Movement of fuel tankers is banned between 10 pm and 6 am in the district. However, of-late oil companies are defying the ban and allow tankers to move in the night, putting people’s lives at risk, he said citing recent incident at Soorikumer. Oil companies are concerned about safety in their premises alone. Instead, safety should be their priority all along the routes that the tanker moves. Also, it is their responsibility to ensure two drivers and a conductor in a tanker. He asked the oil companies to provide mechanical cranes – in a week’s time – on Mangaluru-Bengaluru and Mangaluru Udupi highways, in case of accidents. Ibrahim issued an order making oil companies responsible to own expenses incurred in disaster management. In the Soorikumer incident, the concerned company will have to bear compensation costs to the victims. He said that steps were being taken to link the GPS of fuel tankers to the district police control room. He asked the transport department officials to identify two spots between Kalladka and Shiradi to set up parking terminals for tankers and promised that the district administration would provide land for the purpose. Also, land would be provided between Uppinangady and Gundya to set up a fire station. Besides, keeping people’s safety in mind, orders banning parking of tankers in residential areas would be issued soon, he added.