Workshop to popularise 'Novyo voviyo' songs

Workshop to popularise

Submitted by alvin on Tue, 2016-03-01 14:19 Mangaluru: 'Novyo voviyo', a must-have feature in Konkani Catholic weddings’ Roce ceremonies are seldom seen these days. They are a short-but-sweet messages presented through songs that mildly advocate the groom to be the best man in future. In order to popularise them, Sumell, a singing club of Mandd Sobhann organised a workshop to train the interested in ‘Novyo' voviyo songs. The session taught 52 participants various tunes of Novyo voviyo and its importance at the ‘Roce’, a pre-nuptial ceremony at the groom side. Eric Ozario, who conducted the workshop also briefed about the history of voviyos, the sequence of singing various voviyos and also as to why and how the new voviyos are composed. The workshop held on February 28 was inaugurated by Elias Fernandes, proprietor, Four Winds Mass Communications at Kalaangann, Shaktinagar. Sumell director – Eric Ozario, secretary – Irene Rebello, treasurer – Kavitha George and Mandd Sobhann president – Louis J Pinto, were present. The participants were given a copy of the Novyo voviyo CD and the lyrics.