K S Shivaram Urges Pejawar Seer to stand For 'Sahapankti Bojana'

K S Shivaram Urges Pejawar Seer to stand For

Submitted by Subeditor on Sat, 2015-12-12 17:32 Mangaluru: “If Pejawar seer is really intended to abolish the untouchability practice , he should allow a civic worker to take part in Sahapankti Bhojana (mass feeding) with Brahmins during Paryaya,” said K S Shivaram, state president ,Hindulida Vargagala Jagrutha Vedike here. Addressing a press conference here on Saturday he said that Vedike would submit a memorandum to Pejawar seer seeking for a mass feeding. “ when there was wide oppose to the practice of 'made made snana' ritual at Kukke Subrahmanya temple, Pejawar seer Vishwesha Thirtha Swamiji suggested for a modified “made snana” called “Ede Snana” . However any form of “made snana” leads to the social discrimination. Hence, Pejawar seer should stand for Sahapankti Bhojana (mass feeding) with Brahmins,” he demanded. Shivaram also opposed Pejawar seer's opinion favouring construction of 'Ram Mandir' in Ayodhya. “The construction of 'Buddha Mandir' is the need of the hour in Ayodhya, instead of 'Ram Mandir'. Buddha preached equality among all and his ideals are applicable to all time,” opined.