People's problems


Submitted by 3TuD6brtiCCkbqZD on Thu, 2015-10-29 15:30 Unauthorised parking We residents of Sirsi Road - Chamrajpet would like to bring to your notice that ambulances and other transport vehicles are parked 24/7 in front of the Government Maternity Hospital and the opposite side of footpaths.  It is very difficult for the public to walk on footpath and people urinate behind these parked vehicles. Senior citizens and children are unable to walk on footpaths and they find it very difficult to walk on roads.  Even though a ‘No Parking’ sign board has been placed, these vehicles are parked 24/7. The Traffic police should take necessary action and solve these issues. We hope that necessary action is taken. Devarajan R, Chamarajpet Open pothole poses danger  The Graphite - Vydehi Hospital Road is very poorly maintained. The road is ridden with potholes and bad patch work on the left side, making it unusable. Being one of the busiest roads in the City, the junction gets jammed because the left side of the road is not in a good condition. This is also a danger because many accidents are prone to occur during peak-hours. The officials concerned need to intervene before accidents occur.  Akash, Whitefield Roads in bad shape in Richmond Town The roads and foothpaths in Richmond Town are in a pathetic condition. The roads that need urgent attention are Kingston Road, Alexandra Street, Norris Road, Myrtle Lane and Wellington Street. I request the BBMP to look into this issue at the earliest. Hero Vaz, Kingston Road, Richmond Town Sewage spills on to  road Seeping sewage water and garbage dumping along Thanisandra Road and Hegdenagar Main Road has not come to the notice of the local MLA and corporator. They seem to be waiting for a disease to break out. There is utter indifference to all the sewage water that is seeping into the roads. Sewage from a cluster if buildings in Noor Nagar flows unchecked and into the premises of Devin Paradise Enclave, Chokkanahalli. There are no drains to direct the sewage water. I hope the authorities concerned will do the needful and resolve the issue at the earliest. S Janardhan, Devin Paradise Enclave Stray dog menace A dozen stray dogs chase each other and bark continually in UAS Layout (7B Cross). The barking disturbs peace in the area, especially at night. Making matters worse is the irregular removal of garbage. This is because trucks are not allowed to enter the dumping area. The dogs tear open tied garbage bags and strew their contents on the roads. Will the authorities do the needful? R Ranganathan, UAS Layout Zebra crossing needed The government inaugurated an underpass near Basavanagudi post office on Double Road from Tata Silk Farm to City Market, a couple of years ago against public opinion. The underpass was built without conducting a proper survey. Residents on either side of KR Road have no access to the Gandhi Bazaar side, owing to the continuous flow of vehicles. Pedestrians also have no zebra crossing in this part of KR Road. Residents raised the issue in a public grievance meeting at the Basavanagudi police station. But the Traffic police have not addressed the issue in spite of repeated complaints. Further, they have refused to put up speed-restriction boards or to post traffic police here during peak hours. We request the police to take proper action and to streamline the traffic to accommodate pedestrians crossing over to the Gandhi Bazaar side. B S Vishwanath, Basavanagudi Asphalt road The 6th Cross Road in Nagarbhavi 9th Block has been in a pathetic condition for the last one year. When it rains, all these potholes are filled with slush, making it difficult for motorists. The newly elected corporator personally inspected this road, but repairs have not been made uniformly. Two months ago, potholes were covered with asphalt in a few areas, but this road received only a layer of gravel stones and has been left incomplete since. The stones are now dispersed across the road, making matters worse. The road should be asphalted immediately. The last time the roads in the area were asphalted was in 2009. It would also be better if the roads were completely asphalted instead of repairing only the potholes. I hope the BBMP will take immediate action. S V Sumanth, Nagarabhavi Unwelcome slush The slush in Danah Nagar, Ward No 11, is causing inconvenience to people in the area and commuters alike. Many people, who use this road to go to the mosque, have slipped due to the slush. It is a challenge for motorists to ride here. The drainage which comes out from the houses remains on the road due to lack of drainage facilities. The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike has turned a blind eye to this problem. Contractors who take up work and leave it incomplete should be taken to task. Legislators too should urge the Palike to take up work on priority basis.  Ameen Obaidullah, Danah Nagar  Open manhole poses danger The Bharat Nagar, BEL Layout, East West College Main Road, Off Magadi Road is in a pathetic state. A pothole and manhole, which are adjacent to each other, are located where two roads meet. Many vehicles use these roads and there is a private school, college, temple and convention hall nearby. During nights, especially when newcomers visit this layout, less said the better about the possible danger they put themselves through. Vehicles get stuck in the dangerous spot and have to be towed away to the garage for repairs. The choked manhole drain needs immediate attention. Shreyas K R