Crows Caw at CM's House Melts Men of Law!

Crows Caw at CM

Submitted by Newseditor on Thu, 2015-11-19 22:31 Bengaluru: Crows are the birds most widely visible and yet either vastly neglected or shooed away as ominous or karmic guests at death rituals. An attack by them is also considered to invite the wrath of Saturn or Lord Shaneshwara which opens the doors to misfortune. People wouldn’t dare touch a crow since its kind can be extremely possessive and can attack the intruder in groups.     However, allaying all such misapprehensions and natural threats a home guard responded to the heartrending cries of a lone crow trapped atop a tall tree in the premises of chief minister’s official residence-Krishna. This man who is part of CM’s security created a whole  team to rescue the crow which was unable to fly because of a damaged wing. You may astonished to know whom the team comprised of ???!! It was none other than some homeguards and police officers deputed for the CM's security on Tuesday.   That’s not all! He also summoned the fire officials for its rescue. Since the crow was stuck on the top, the fire officials in turn approached Mohan Krish, a wild life warden who immediately rushed to the spot.   After a horrendous yet delicate operation the team successfully rescued the crow. This team of Samaritans also gave it a first aid sent it to where it belongs. Indeed a touching incident! Kind of makes us introspective. How many of us would do that for a fellow human being? Operation Caw Caw Rescue at Chief Minister's Residence, 'Krishna' in Bengaluru on Tuesday. Team of Samaritans in rescue operation. Team of Samaritans in rescue operation.