Indians resort to dating on V-day to avoid 'single' stigma

Indians resort to dating on V-day to avoid

Submitted by Subeditor on Sat, 2016-02-13 11:55 New Delhi: With the whole world ringing in the day of love, things can get difficult for the people, who may feel like ugly schmucks, on Valentine's Day. Since V-Day is the day when your relationship status is not just a matter for Facebook, but the subject of public scrutiny from friends, colleagues and well-intentioned, the pressure to avoid that stigmatized tag can build up pretty fast. In a new survey of 425 users by a mobile-only relationship app, Matchify, nearly 69 percent of respondents said they would date solely to avoid being seen as an unattractive singles. When asked if they celebrate Valentine's Day, 60 percent of those looking for meaningful relationships said "yes." A whopping 87 percent considered the day to be a special for couples, while 28 percent said it was just another day and it's all a marketing gimmick. Over 43 percent said they will be going on a date this Valentine's Day, while 56 percent opined that they were waiting for the right date. Interestingly, 91 percent felt the romantic essence of Valentine's Day is still alive amongst the youth today, while 9 percent didn't believe so. While 70 percent stated that Valentine's Day helps celebrate love, the rest felt that love is a private thing between two individuals and not to be discussed in public. When asked which technology they would use to connect to discover their love for Valentine's Day, 38 percent said they would use Whatsapp, while 33 percent said dating apps like Matchify is the way to connect with their love. (ANI)