Now Blood is on Hotel Empire's Menu!

Now Blood is on Hotel Empire

Submitted by Editor on Sat, 2015-12-19 10:24 Bengaluru: The Empire chain of hotels Bengaluru has a new item on its menu-a Bottle of Blood! All the 20 restaurants in city which are open till late night will provide blood throughout the day. Oh yes! Now a helpline number 080 – 4041 4041 is open 24/7 to provide blood and also serve food. About 2000 employees of Hotel Empire have voluntarily come up with this unique blood donation initiative. People in need of blood can give a call anytime on this helpline and enquire for the required group of blood and avail the service from the hotel staff. A special software developed by the hotel keeps a track of every employee’s blood group, time of donation, health condition, beneficiary patient, place of blood donation and also current status of the employee. But no Empire volunteer will donate the blood to blood banks nor respond to calls from hospitals. This is an employee initiative and member of staff signs a consent form stating he is not being forced by his employer. “Once I noticed that some employees were absent at the hotel and on enquiry, came to know that they had gone to donate blood. I was really impressed by them and then I thought of this employee initiative to support the noble cause of donating blood,” said Junaiz K, COO and GM, Empire group of hotels. About 22 employees of the hotel are helping the needy patients to find the required blood group throughout the day. Database helps them to know the requirements of the patients and send colleagues from the nearest hotel to donate blood. But only patient or patient party can ask for blood and not the hospital. “Since the chance of blood going to a wrong hand is more, we make sure only the patient party can contact us directly and the donor interacts directly with the patient before donation. Even a team of managers assist the donor,” said Junaiz. The initiative is not limited to Bengaluru alone but the same will be emulated in Mysuru, Maddur and Dubai branches of Empire. A total of 2000 employees according can volunteer to donate blood and on such days can avail a paid leave. Just two days after the activity was started, a total of 25 patients admitted in various hospitals including M S Ramaiah, HCG, and Kidwai benefitted. “Now not just employees, even police constables coming on rounds here have shown interest in taking part in our activity. This apart, already 30 customers have joined the donors’ list. We encourage anybody coming forward to joining hands with us in this noble initiative,” said Michael Johnson, HR Manager of the hotel. “Every manager is informed of the blood donation and he ensures that the right patient has received the blood. A Whatsapp group has been created for all the managers who take pictures of the donors and keep the bosses informed. Now every employee is motivated by it and it is purely their choice to donate blood,” said Michael Johnson.