Water crisis leads to 'watery eyes' in Karnataka

Water crisis leads to

Submitted by alvin on Sat, 2016-04-09 19:17 Bengaluru: With Karnataka facing a major dry spell for the last two years, local residents in the drought-hit state are battling hard for their survival as women and children are being forced to risk their lives in search of precious water. Things have reached an extreme that even students are being forced to miss their exams and move around searching water with their family. The situation is so grim that people are forced to walk many a miles to fetch water for daily household chores, which includes drinking water as well. What can be perceived as shocking is that little children are now reduced to risk their lives and climb down almost dried up-wells to fetch the remaining water. It has become really difficult, especially for women, to look after their families as they too have to walk two to three kilometres every day to bring water. It has become a common sight to see long queues near the bore-wells and water tankers and in such apathy, sometimes fights and quarrels often break out between the locals. One of the local children, while talking to media, said that she has been forced to miss her exams as she has been forced to join her family's quest to find water. "Parents are telling us not go to schools and colleges and fetch water instead. We are forced to miss our exams," she said. Another local with watery eyes said that the administration is doing nothing to address to their grievances. "We have been forced to walk miles to bring water to fulfill our basic needs. The government is doing nothing. We are under a lot of pain. No one even cares if we are even dead or alive," he said. "When the elections are round the corner, they come to our houses, join their hands and beg for votes. But as soon as the elections are over, they just run away. Nobody cares about our sufferings," he added. Another local, with a lot of anger in her voice, accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being insensitive to the sufferings of the poor. "We have problems of food, drinking water, job, money, etc but no one is paying heed to them," she said. Karnataka has been facing major dry spell for the last two years, leading to drought and crop loss. This has in turn burdened the farmers with debt as they struggle to make both ends meet. The impact of unseasonal rains and two straight years of drought on agriculture that sustains over two-thirds of India's 1.25 billion people has severely dented Prime Minister Modi's popularity in the countryside, contributing to a humiliating loss for the premier in elections last year in the largely rural state of Bihar. (ANI)