Stressed out Bengaluru falling victim to stroke, say doctors

Submitted by alvin on Fri, 2016-03-18 09:51 Bengaluru: The threat of stroke is increasing in urban India, with physicians reporting an increase in influx of such patients. According to the website, stroke occurs when blood supply is cut off to the brain, as a result of which brain cells begin to die due to lack of oxygen. When brain cells die, abilities control by that particular area of the brain are lost. On an average, 60 percent of stroke-hit patients in Bengaluru's hospitals are below the age of 45 and employed in IT-BT sectors, drivers and students who are under tremendous pressure to perform. “Of the 200 patients admitted at our hospital in Bengaluru, majority are below 45. Especially the young generation is getting affected because of their lifestyle,” said Dr Vikram Huded of Narayana Hrudayalaya. Dr Smita Caran Mathais, executive member of Bangalore Stroke Support Group (BSSG) said, “Changes in lifestyle is affecting people's health. Stress and lack of excercise lead to stroke. Among the stroke-affected, about 60 percent are IT-BT employees, bus drivers and others posted in stressful jobs,” she said. According to a study, there were 9.3 lakh cases of stroke and 6.4 lakh deaths due to stroke in India. By 2015, India is expected to have 16 lakh million cases every year. “When a person is aware of his BP levels, diabetes, cardiac problems, he/she should be take utmost care in case of sudden stroke attack, which can be treated and to avoid disability,” Mathais added.