International Crowd to Attend Century Gowda's Funeral in Dubai!

International Crowd to Attend Century Gowda

Submitted by Newseditor on Thu, 2015-12-10 16:34 Dubai; UAE: It’s one more feather added to the 26-year-old Bengaluru based Kannada film director Raam Reddy’s cap. His film “Thithi” will be screened in Dubai International Film Festival at VOX cinemas, Mall of the Emirates on 12 and Tue 15 December. A review in Dubai Film Festival's official website says, "Raam Reddy’s impressively mounted comedy Thithi, which won two awards at the Locarno Film Festival, follows three generations of descendent men in three interweaving storylines, as they react in different ways to the death of 101-year-old Century Gowda in a remote South Indian village. His son Gadappa potters around the village drinking and smoking, while his own son Thamanna plans to sell Century Gowda’s land, despite it being owned by his father. Meanwhile, Thamanna’s son Abhi romantically pursues a lovely young shepherd girl. Their individual stories converge on the dead man’s ‘Thithi’, the death ritual to be performed 11 days after his death".  “Cinema of the World” segment of the 12th edition of the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) features an array of the brightest directors and filmmakers to grace the big screen. The programme is a culmination of 57 breath-taking features from across the globe to enthrall fans from December 9 – 16.    Thithi: A Rustic tale The opening scene is a humorously concise account of sudden death: that of Century Gowda, so called because he’s over 100. When the cantankerous oldster breathes his last, the villagers reverently plan his funeral and after that, according to local custom, the rituals on the eleventh day (the “thithi”). His callous buffoon of a grandson Thamanna, who is a grown man, can only think of getting his hands on a patch of land Century owned. The problem is that it “theoretically” belongs to Century’s elusive son and Thamanna’s father, the octogenarian Gadappa.   Sporting a flowing white beard with distinction, Gadappa roams around the fields swilling liquor and bumming cigarettes. He’s far too cagey, or maybe just too spacy, to be tricked into signing his property over to his rapacious son. How not to sympathise with him when he decides to drop out of society by joining a bunch of nomadic shepherds? Reddy and his co-writer Eregowda avoid turning the enigmatic old fellow into a saint, preferring to let him stand as a flawed human being intent on sidestepping all responsibility, especially to his family. When, during the thithi ceremony, the frustrated priest calls on him to perform the last rites as tradition demands, he ducks out of sight behind a flock of sheep. Yet the free-wheeling spirit of the film is on his side: better to be free of desire, than grasping and materialistic.   The large cast of non-pro actors seem to be playing themselves. All are closely and affectionately absorbed in their native habitat. The younger generation gets its day in a charming subplot about how Thamanna’s cocky teenage son Abhi courts a pretty shepherdess, who is anything but helpless. Director : Raam Reddy Producer : Pratap Reddy, Sunmin Park Cast : Abhishek H N, Thammegowda S, Channegowda , Pooja S M