White House Hits Out at Trump's 'Muslim Ban'

White House Hits Out at Trump

Submitted by Subeditor on Wed, 2015-12-09 11:02 Washington D.C.: The White House lambasted Donald Trump's statement demanding a ban on Muslims from entering the United States and said that his remark “disqualified” him from becoming president. According to CNN, White House press secretary Josh Earnest hit out at Trump in a press briefing yesterday. Earnest said that every president must take an oath to "preserve, protect and defend" the U.S. Constitution, and therefore, Trump's statement automatically disqualified him. Trump had earlier released a statement calling to block entry of foreign Muslims into the U.S. His proposal was met with widespread criticism, besides his own team who massively supported his demand. "For Republican candidates for president to stand by their pledge to support Mr. Trump, that in and of itself is disqualifying. The question now is about the rest of the Republican Party and whether or not they're going to be dragged into the dustbin of history with him. And right now the current trajectory is not very good,” Earnest said. The White House spokesman also called Trump a “carnival barker” whose campaign had a “dustbin of history-like” quality to it. Secretary of State John Kerry also rebuked Trump's comments and asserted that the U.S. remains committed to treating all religions with respect and without discrimination. (ANI)