World reaches out in solidarity to 'lamenting' Paris

World reaches out in solidarity to

Submitted by Subeditor on Sun, 2015-11-15 18:13 London, Nov. 15 : The world mourned and lamented with Paris for those who were killed in the deadly series of coordinated attacks by the ISIS in the French capital where 129 were slaughtered, as candlelight marches, night vigils and illumination of national monuments here conducted across the globe. Paris came together in a vigil and held a candle march, mourning the slain Parisians. The people were seen comforting each other as many clung to their friends and kin unable to stop the tears. The Eiffel Tower which turned its lights off in January after the attack on staff at the Charlie Hebdo magazine was closed to visitors and soldiers from the French Army patrolled the area surrounding the iconic monument. According to the Daily Mail, almost every major monument across the world was lit up in the tri colours of the French flag, showing solidarity. The Sydney Opera House, the One World Trade Centre in New York, the London Bridge, Calgary Tower in Canada were lit up in blue, red and white. In Mexico, the Independence Angel square was illuminated with the colours of the French flag. Thousands across the world proudly took to the streets chanting “We are Parisians”, waving the French flag and holding up placards saying “Pray for Paris”. Many gathered outside the French embassies in different nation, piling bouquets of flowers and standing in respectful silence. Celebrities, world leaders and civilians also united in solidarity with those in Paris in the aftermath of the worst atrocity in France in decades. (ANI)