'Shaken' Pope Francis says Paris horror a 'piece of World War III'

Submitted by Subeditor on Sun, 2015-11-15 15:12 London, Nov. 15: A “shaken” Pope Francis lamented over the “inhuman” Paris attacks that have left a nation in mourning and said that the bloodbath was an indication towards an impending third World War. The emotional and distraught pontiff lashed out at the attackers and said they were “murderers possessed by crazed hatred”, according to the Daily Mail. Stating outright that there could be no justification, religious or human for the cold-blooded carnage in Paris, he said that could not comprehend how humans were capable of committing such atrocities. “I am with all those who suffer, and with France, which I love so much,” the emotional 78-year-old said in a telephonic interview as he fought to find words to express his anguish. When asked whether he thought this was part of a “piecemeal Third World War” the Pope has mentioned in the past, he said “this is a piece of it”. After French President Francois Hollande accused the ISIS of waging an “act of war”, the terror outfit came out and issued a warning saying the Paris attack was just the “first of the storm” that was heading towards France. According to reports, ISIS claimed responsibility of the cold-blooded series of attacks in Paris in an audio statement released online in multiple languages, saying the “blessed” attacks by the “soldiers” had targeted the “capital of prostitution and obscenity, the carrier of the banner of the cross in Europe.” (ANI)