Taliban Disconnects Uzbekistan's Electricity to Kabul

Taliban Disconnects Uzbekistan

Submitted by Subeditor on Wed, 2016-01-27 13:59 Kabul: The Taliban has hit back by cutting off imported power fromUzbekistan to Kabul after the intensification of military operations by Government forces against the insurgent group in the Baghlan province. The Taliban had blown up a major electricity pylon in Dand-e-Shahabuddin area near Baghlan-Kunduz highway, reports Tolo News. The incident occured after the local officials in northern Baghlan province informed that a large scale military operation was launched in three parts of Dand-e-Ghori area in Pul-e-Khumri city in order to clear the areas of militants. Local officials said that more than 2,000 Afghan security force members are taking part in the operation.(ANI)