PU lecturers withdraw strike with no gain, and probably with some pain

Submitted by Editor on Tue, 2016-04-19 22:59 Bengaluru: Two days ago, in the poor man’s game of football, the team that carries the Bengaluru’s name won the I-League, while Bengaluru’s fatcat cricket team lost an IPL game to the less-fancied Delhi.   On Tuesday, while the poor, emaciated workers toiling in the sweatshops of Bengaluru’s garment industry won a monumental and memorable battle in two days, while the PU lecturers withdrew a 18-day strike, tails tucked in.   The lecturers, who were on an ill-advised strike that threatened to delay the exam results of PU students, had to finally eat the humble pie.   The lecturers made grandiose demands, demanding the implementation of the G Kumar Naik committee report, but the government dug in heels, offering one increment to them. When the lecturers shows no inclination to give up the strike, the government dealt a serious blow. It called in lecturers from private colleges to do evaluation duty.   There were fissures in the lecturers’ tanks to begin with. One section was against going ahead with the strike, in the background of the trauma suffered by the students due to the repeated leak of the chemistry paper. They sensed that their strike would not get parents’ support.   But when the government was firm on rejecting their demands, there was alarm in the ranks of the striking teachers that the government would resort to punitive measures. A section of the lecturers’ association contacted the government and said it was willing to give up the strike. As a face-saving formula for both sides, Education minister Kimmane Rathnakar visited the striking lecturers at Freedom Park, following which the strike was called off. Kimmane Rathnakar informed the agitating lecturers that government is ready to meet all the demands of the lecturers but will not budge to the blackmail tactics. "I will come to you when ever you requests. I am like a mother in a family; not father. So I am not in a position to give you assurances," he said. Later, PU lecturers association president Thimmaiah Purle informed the minister that keeping the interest of students, association members will attend the valuation works from Wednesday. "We don't want one increment announced by the state government as it is like money given to a beggar. We will continue our fight," he said. Confirming the developments, PU director Ramegowda said the lecturers’ strike of 16 days served no purpose and simply created panic. What happened on Tuesday evening was this: Earlier in the evening, Chief minister Siddaramaiah held a marathon meeting with officials from education department, finance department, as also Miniser Rathnakar. Siddaramaiah declared that the government would not implement the Kumar Naik report which will involve a heavy financial burden on the government. He also directed all the officials to make elaborate arrangements to ensure foolproof valuation by using all available human resources.