Police solve Coles Park double murder case

Submitted by alvin on Tue, 2016-04-26 20:22 Bengaluru: The city police have solved the case involving the murder of an elderly couple at their residence near Coles Park at Frazer Town in East Bengaluru on Friday. The murder had come to light on Sunday with the arrest of a 35-year-old electrician. The accused Premchand Jain, a resident of KG Halli, committed the crime along with his associate Chandrashekhar, who is at large, said P Harishekaran, Additional Commissioner of Police (East Zone). They stabbed Parvathraj, 61, and his wife Chandrakala, 55, multiple times before slashing their wrist to make sure they were dead, said Harishekaran. After murdering the couple, the accused took cash worth Rs50,000, gold ornaments. Later, they locked the house from the outside and fled the scene. This led to the delay in discovering the crime, which came to light three days later when neighbours informed the police on Sunday on detecting the foul smell emanating from the house. The police zeroed in on Premchand as he had called Chandakala on the cellphone on the day of the crime. Premchand confessed to the crime after he was picked up by the police for questioning. According to the police, Premchand was known to couple for the past 15 years. He used to do odd jobs for them and had borrowed money from the couple as they were also running a private finance business, said the police. The police said that Premchand’s friend Chandrashekhar needed money and asked Premchand for help. Premchand in turn took Chandrasekhar to Chandrakala on April 22 (Friday) around 12 noon. She told the two that she would be willing to lend money if they pledge some gold as security. Premchand and Chandrashekhar returned to Chandrakala’s house around 6 pm the same day and told her that they had brought the gold as asked. Chandrakala demanded to see the gold if they wanted money. Enraged over the demand, the accused stabbed the couple to death and made away with the money and valuables from the house, said the police. “The duo went to the house and found the couple was waiting for them,” said Satish Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (East Division). “Parvathraj took Premchand to the terrace of the building since there was a problem with the motor. Chandraskhehar stabbed Chandrakala multiple times and removed her gold valuables. Parvathraj who returned from the terrace was attacked and was stabbed 25 times.” The DCP said that the duo later slashed the wrists of the couple to make sure they were dead and escaped with the cash and gold valuables. The Pulikeshi Nagar police, who registered the case, are continuing the probe and making efforts to nab Chandrashekhar.